Life Well Lived
It looks like edible landscaping and big swords. It looks like caring for the systematically traumatized and wounded. It looks like Earth citizens building gorgeous resilience within their own communities out of a deep appreciation for physical reality. Permanent glamour of sensitive, mature, pervasive, rhizome love culture. It looks like me helping you to understand all of the salient facts before you decide to carry on as usual. It looks like me pointing out the holes in your arguments, because it is obvious to me that you carrying on as usual endangers all of the people and things that we need. It looks like my best energy going into creating simple beauty through my purest love. It looks like cohousing and intentional community. Amazing Earth dwellings, which keep humble the dwellers through sheer joy about the funky freshness of it all. Continuously minimizing interpersonal conflict through sound reason. It looks like cob and strawbale. It looks like recognizing basic human requirements and not demanding anything more than this for myself. It looks like Jeff Vail's Hamlet Economy and Sharon Astyk's food storage advice. It looks like Derrick Jensen, sitting atop the Hoover at peace with all of his choices. I'm grateful for all of my choices. All of my choices. Staring at the sun because we love life. The energy in all biota comes from The Sun. We ultimately obtain every bit of our life energy from the sun through some version of botanical consumption; indirect, as by eating the flesh of a lamb which itself eats foliage, or direct, as when enjoying amaranth seeds or leaves. Good stuff. Beauty via love! This is what I scream in my most-loved daydreams. Beauty via love! Other times I imagine myself protecting everything that matters, with all that I have, whatever that looks like. Pain for the aggressive. Pain for the aggressive. Plus, it looks like food growing on the roof, rainwater catchment and recycling in ways never seen until then. It looks like the shoes I am planning on making by hand, specifically for Richard Heinberg. Good souls everywhere see everything peaking. In decline. It looks as if the machine has already all but stopped turning out heap after heap. In decline. IT LOOKS LIKE LEARNING AND SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTING healthy living models right now!!!

Stupid Dummy Dance
Bringing the best there could be into being. We're the far-seeing. The war of our leading is a war fought for the entire web of life on Earth, out of love, when push comes to shove. Build a better model on some Bucky Fuller biz. If you try to halt maturity you better watch your wigs. Give you hell for reveling in short-term gain. In the hearts of posterity wisdom sits verily.

Fruits of false prosperity kill the eaters with their German two-seaters and their silly golf courses. We'll put that land to good use. Never wearing out the welcome. Never crafting an excuse. Freedom and responsibility's been burned in my soul. I like to greet the sun. I must get up early. Way before the buzzards who keep busy with the long-dead. Oversized grasp. Intuitive. Very strong head.

On the shoulders. The epiphanies keep slapping you. Though cherish it up there you do, you climb down and do the stupid dummy dance. Stupid dummies dancing while the floor turns liquid. Drown, baby. Drown. Any town that fails to transition gets clowned. Edifices grown over and the power lines downed. Collapse could be a blast if we choose a graceful path. Meaningful life. No cannibals, nukes or climactic wrath.

Two gifts. The planet & each other. Let's do it. Forests, oceans, skies and beyond. Just dig it. Tried to live a lie, but your deepest heart knew it. Direct connection to the Earth feeds my spirit. Soil under twenty nails. Salty under sunshine. Surrounded by life itself. What a fun time. I never want to leave. Maybe one day we'll stay for good. Mountain lions, bears and big spiders in the neighborhood.

One of these could kill me, but civilization kills worse. Toxic milk from every mother. Violence from Big Brother. Motherfuck this shit. We need to ride on big business, the banks and the s.s. They abuse and suppress us. By the people, for the people, my ass. Deck chairs. Keep shaving all of your hairs and breeding in lifelong pairs. Keep obsessing over shit that don't mean shit and never get pissed over anything of serious consequence!